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  Products - The PVS 4100 Portable Samplers

The PVS 4100 is Southwell’s portable solution for sampling, built with the same, reliable, long-lasting vacuum technology as the stationary samplers. The vacuum system of sampling results in accurate and dependable results, even with high sediment content or rapid velocities at the sample source. Portable models feature either discrete or composite sampling and a programmable controller with 16-key intuitive touchpad.

A rugged design and precision in construction give these portable samplers the ability to be set up in one location over time, yet they are easily transportable. Internal batteries can operate seven days or more, even longer with the addition of an external battery source, or one could simply plug them into a permanent power source.

The portable samplers are designed to fit a variety of different locational challenges, and can be hung with a suspension system built with a stainless steel harness.

The enclosure of the PVS 4100 is a molded medium-density linear polyethylene, designed to handle tough environmental challenges and weathering.

The hub has an insulated ring and a cavity for crushed ice, giving more control over the temperature of the samples.

Download the PVS 4100 Cut Sheet (pdf)


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