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Southwell Controls Ltd. is the proud manufacturer of SIRCO Samplers, the industry's leading Water Sampler. Under new ownership, the samplers have undergone many improvements and upgrades. Now, we are pleased to present the 4000 Series Samplers.

Download the newest brochure for the 4000 Series Samplers! (pdf)

Outdoor Sampler - The BVS 4300   Indoor Sampler - The CVS 4200

BVS 4300

Built to last, the BVS 4300 water sampler can withstand an enormous amount of wear and tear. Used outdoors and in environments with toxic or heavy use, especially for EPA water sampling.
  CVS Indoor Samplers

CVS 4200

Engineered with precise vacuum water sampling technology, the CVS 4200 is the industry's best for reliable & accurate sampling needs. Works great in collecting water samples, wastewater, effluent, storm water, and any EPA water sampling.
Portable Sampler - The PVS 4100   Portable Sampler - The PVS 4150
PVS 4100
A leader for precision in the portable market, our portable water sampling units are designed to withstand outdoor environments and take the most accurate water samples possible. The PVS 4100 is the discrete water sampling solution for a portable water sampler that is tough, reliable, and dependable.
  pvs 4150 portable sampler
PVS 4150

Now portable water sampling is even more portable with our NEW 4150 model! Take composite samples in this small, rugged case on rollers. The same technology and durability of our other samplers now available in this compact package!
Upgrades & Parts   Custom Samplers
pinch valve assempblyOur samplers tend to last for decades, but some parts have been replaced with upgrades and improvements. Our engineers are making improvements monthly, so if you have an old Sirco Sampler, perhaps it's time to look into upgrading. All new parts are backward-compatible.  

We custom-make water samplers in many different ways depending on your needs. This model, with a glass door, is one of a variety of options for different automatic samplers.

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