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We Manufacture

Blox - black liquor oxidation, NA2S sensor



We Proudly Represent


Pressure switches, pressure transmitters, temperature switches, temperature transmitters, level switches, ultrasonic level transmitters, flow switches.

Greyline Instruments Inc.

Ultrasonic level and open channel flow monitors, tank farm transmitters, doppler flow monitors and switches, transit time flowmeters. 


Kytola Instruments

Flowmeters, seal liquid monitoring, constant flow regulators, oval gear flowmeters, oilan.  


Tachometers, zero speed switches, speed pickups, split gears, transducers.


Flow, level, pressure, temperature switches, controllers and monitors.  


Flow switches from .005 gpm and .25" to 12' diameter lines. 


Ametek -- (B/W Controls)

Induction type level control relays, float switches, magnetorestrictive continuous level indicators, ultrasonic gap switches. 

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